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📌 Are you upset about the time it takes to calculate bigger projects for gas extinguishing systems?

📌 Do you need to estimate a gas suppression system, but then struggle with accurate calculation?

📌 As an engineer, do you dream of a calculation that automatically is based on one of the current design standards such as EN 15004, NFPA 2001, NFPA12, VdS 2380, CEA 4007, and many more?

📌 Do you often need to compare single zone and multi zone gas suppression systems for the same project?

📌 Do you want to save a project and get back to it later without having to recalculate everything again?

Those situations sound familiar?

Then turn to the Viking Gas Estimator Tool - a solution to many of your engineering and design challenges.

Key features

  • Single zone multiple rooms are calculated simultaneously
  • Results within one file, consolidated or split per room
  • Multizone up to 15 rooms connected to one cylinderbank
  • Detailed report per room for flooded cylinders
  • Resulting design concentration, NOAEL, Oxygen concentration
  • Checks the cheapest configuration for Halocarbons
  • Multiple features selectable for the system design
  • Compares price of single zone and multizone
  • Results can be exported to Excel or pdf
  • Projects can be saved and loaded for later amendments
  • Projects can be exported or imported
  • Multiple currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, SEK
  • English or German language

Watch our teaser about the Viking Gas System Estimator

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