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EconAqua water mist system for office protection

A comprehensive fire protection system for commercial offices

Fire protection is of utmost importance in any work place, as it ensures the safety and well-being of employees and visitors. Viking water mist systems are well suited for the various risks that can be found within such buildings, ensuring effective protection of all areas.

Features & advantages:

  • Low water consumption and discharge reduce the chance of significant water damage
  • Space saving components allow owners to maximize space
  • Small pipe diameters and concealed nozzles serve for efficient and discreet solutions where needed
  • Electric pumps require less maintenance than diesel fire pumps, saving time and money on testing requirements
  • Quick response nozzles raise the alarm swiftly, allowing proficient evacuation and fire management in case of an emergency
  • The system comes with low cost of ownership

The EconAqua water mist system:

  • has successfully passed the rigorous 3rd party testing protocols set by VdS
  • complies with the requirements of EN14972-1:2020 as published by CEN

EconAqua provides peace of mind

Offices and similar structures can pose complicated fire risks due to their layout and potential multi-storey set-up. 

When installing water mist systems, operators can comply with building regulations, ensuring a compliant, safe structure for visitors and employees alike.

Fire-safe living and working should be the goal for all building owners. Water mist systems offer a proven solution that is clean, cost-effective and that reduces risk - giving owners peace of mind.

EconAqua for a wide array of applications

EconAqua offers approved low pressure water mist for not only the office area, but confined spaces, above ceiling and below floor spaces.

Reception area, lobbies, corridors, kitchen areas, conference rooms, main office areas and underground parking in both old and new high-rise and low-rise can benefit from the simple design concept offered by EconAqua.

Product spotlight

The EconAqua Undercover MX3-CCP nozzle is unique:

  • The only approved concealed nozzle for water mist
  • A low pressure closed nozzle specially designed for office areas
  • Low profile design ensures minimum viability in a ceiling setting
  • Available in chrome, white or any other RAL colour on request
  • With a metric K-factor of 14 and one of the lowest operating pressures available, the CCP head is one of the most efficient nozzles available
EconAqua Undercover nozzle with drop eject in action
EconAqua Undercover nozzle with drop eject in action

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