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Protecting what matters most

Viking EMEA is a key player in the fire protection industry across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. We proudly cater to 2,100 clients in 74 nations, offering comprehensive solutions from sprinkler and deluge systems to water mist, foam, gas extinguishing, and detection & control technologies, for both commercial and industrial needs.

From the smallest project to the largest undertaking, Viking EMEA is your dedicated partner in your safety journey. Our passion for fire protection drives us to deliver the right products and solutions precisely when and where you need them.

With us, you are getting more than just the components for a fire protection system – you can rely on a partner who is devoted to your success. Trust our expert team to provide you with the safety and peace of mind you need to focus on what matters most - your business.

Whether you are a prospective customer, a valued business partner, or a potential team member, we are excited to explore our collaboration. Let’s join forces and discover how we can create a safer future together!

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Global minds, local hearts

With a diverse team of over 200 professionals representing more than 25 different nationalities, Viking EMEA operates from key hubs including Luxembourg (our headquarters), Germany, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and Turkey. Our extended network features additional offices and specialized sales units in countries like the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Being part of a multinational and multicultural company, Viking EMEA has built its business through innovation and development for over 30 years. Our global reach is a considerable advantage, allowing us to adapt to cultural differences and stay ahead of local competition.

Viking EMEA’s success can be attributed to our commitment to developing long-term customer relationships. By understanding their specific needs and providing proven solutions, we create added value for our customers and strengthen our position as a trusted partner in the fire protection industry. As Viking EMEA continues to grow and expand, our expertise and customer service will remain at the heart of our business.

Our solutions, your peace of mind

Discover our extensive product range, featuring proven and approved components for sprinkler and deluge, water mist, foam, and gas extinguishing systems, as well as fire detection and control systems.

Our solutions are customized for a wide array of applications, from hangars and oil & gas facilities to data centers, logistics hubs, and more. In addition to our top-tier fire protection technologies manufactured at the group’s own facilities, we offer a wide selection of complementary products from industry-leading manufacturers and partners.

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Devoted to your success

With our unwavering commitment to customer service and technical support, we are your trusted fire protection partner every step of the way.

Discover the local touch of global expertise with Viking EMEA. With 13 key locations spread across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, we are fostering robust customer connections through local accessibility and hands-on expertise. Each location provides on-site and remote training and dedicated site support right at your doorstep.

Fluency in your language, familiarity with your culture, and a responsive presence within your region mean we don’t just understand your needs – we anticipate them.

At Viking EMEA, we understand that effective fire protection requires ongoing support and service. That is why we regularly organize product seminars and training sessions in your local language. Our training programs ensure you are well-versed in operating and maintaining our systems. We focus on collaborative learning with like-minded peers, where training not only offers new insights, but also valuable networking opportunities. 

Do you need training that is tailored to your specific requirements?

No problem. We arrange sessions in-house, on customer premises or online in order to meet your needs. For a truly immersive experience, ask us about our VR training options. The overview of our technical training can be found here.

Achieving great goals together

At the core of our success is our people. At Viking EMEA, we foster an entrepreneurial spirit within our teams, recognizing that the best fire protection solutions are born from collective intelligence. We are always eager to collaborate, brainstorm, and refine ideas with our colleagues. 

At Viking EMEA, it is not just our skilled technicians and engineers who play a vital role in our and your success; it is every member of our team. 

Join us and become part of our passionate community, where every role is essential, every idea valued, and every day an opportunity to contribute to saving lives and property.

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Viking EMEA. Where passion meets protection.

At Viking EMEA, we foster a strong commitment to personal growth and turning ideas into reality. We are your ideal destination if you are aspiring to embark on an inspiring career journey or simply become part of a fun, motivated and forward-moving team.

Join Viking today, and let us be your trusted partner on your path to success.

Expertise and service unite

Viking EMEA’s passion for fire protection combined with our technical expertise and vast resources make us a valuable partner in any project. Our tested, proven, and approved system components and broad product range give customers the confidence to choose Viking as their single-point partner. 

Our international customer service and dependable technical support services make it easy for installers of fire protection systems to source quality products.

Viking’s involvement in local and global fire protection associations not only allows us to keep up-to-date on the latest developments, technologies, and regulations; it also enables us to play an active role in writing standards and promoting fire safety to authorities having jurisdiction, insurers, governments, and the general public. 

Additionally, we revise and advocate for strong regulations and guidelines by taking part in standard committees, ultimately contributing to making the world a safer place.

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