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Viking EMEA - Your fire protection partner

Viking EMEA is a key player in the fire protection industry across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. We proudly cater to 2,100 clients in 74 nations, offering comprehensive solutions from sprinkler and deluge systems to water mist, foam, gas extinguishing, and detection & control technologies, for both commercial and industrial needs.

With a diverse team of over 200 professionals representing more than 25 different nationalities, Viking EMEA operates from key hubs including Luxembourg (our headquarters), Germany, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and Turkey. Our extended network features additional offices and specialized sales units in countries like the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Being part of a multinational and multicultural company, Viking EMEA has built its business through innovation and development for over 30 years. Our global reach is a considerable advantage, allowing us to adapt to cultural differences and stay ahead of local competition.

Viking EMEA’s success can be attributed to our commitment to developing long-term customer relationships. By understanding their specific needs and providing proven solutions, we create added value for our customers and strengthen our position as a trusted partner in the fire protection industry. As Viking EMEA continues to grow and expand, our expertise and customer service will remain at the heart of our business.

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Apr 15, 2024

Viking EMEA Website Relaunch - More than a facelift!

Our website doesn’t just have a brand new look; it was re-designed with your needs in mind, for easier and faster access to information. Check out our new product catalog or experience our improved search across the page! Enjoy more insights about Viking!

Mar 25, 2024

Viking EMEA - Your Fire Protection Partner

Viking is excited to share its new company brochure! For everyone interested in what Viking EMEA is all about, and how we can join forces, be it in business or as employer of choice: enjoy the read!

Nov 28, 2023

Viking EMEA places good stewardship of our natural environment as a top priority

To align with this philosophy, and effective immediately, the company will no longer offer or distribute C6 fluorinated foam concentrates. For further information, click here.