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Fireking CAS FK - fighting fire with FK-5-1-12

The Fireking CAS FK fire extinguishing system with fire extinguishant FK-5-1-12 offers optimal fire protection and is particularly suitable for electrical and electronic risks. The system consists of one or more extinguishant cylinders, which are connected via a pipework with extinguishing nozzles.  

The design of the system is adapted to the fire risk and the spatial conditions. Directly after a developing fire was recognised automatically by the fire detection system, the fire extinguishing system is triggered. After a short pre-warning time, the release of the extinguishant cylinders is carried out and the calculated fire extinguishant concentration is reached in the protected room after 10 seconds. 

The residue-free operating extinguishant FK-5-1-12 has a high extinguishing effectiveness and environmental compatibility (Global Warming Potential GWP = 1, Ozone Depletion Potential ODP = 0). Further advantages are its high personal safety and the small storage volume.

Personal safety

While the extinguishing effect of inert gases is based on the displacement of oxygen, the halocarbon agent FK-5-1-12 absorbs the heat of the flame and interrupts thereby the combustion reaction.

Due to the usually used operation concentration of FK-5-1-12, the oxygen concentration within the flooded room amounts to still approx. 19 % by volume. Furthermore, the operation concentration of 5.8 % by volume is also far under the NOAEL value of 10 %, from which - according to investigations - an im-pairment of persons by FK-5-1-12 is recognisable. Therefore FK-5-1-12 is a safe gas, particularly for use in occupied rooms.

Fireking CAS FK system illustration (simplified)



Extinguishing agent FK-5-1-12

The extinguising agent FK-5-1-12 that is used in Fireking CAS FK fire extinguishing systems is a liquid that looks like water, but it neither damages computers nor books.

FK-5-1-12 is chemically seen a fluorinated ketone. Since the extinguishant does not conduct electricity, it does not cause short-circuits in electronic devices. For instance, a computer monitor is full functioning when taking a bath in this liquid.

FK-5-1-12 is not corrosive and does not leave residues - even paper becomes dry again within short time without damage. For this reason it is optimally suitable for the use in areas with electrical and electronic equipment (EDP centres, computer rooms, telecommunications and server rooms, switching and distributor rooms and comparable applications).

Environmental influence

Differently from the halons frequently used in former times, FK-5-1-12 breaks down in the atmosphere within five days, when being exposed to the natural UV radiation.

FK-5-1-12 is the environmentally compatible alternative to the chemical extinguishants used so far. It has the smallest global warming potential, the shortest atmospheric lifetime and at all no effects on the ozone layer.

After many investigations and according to present knowledge, FK-5-1-12 is not subject to sanctions concerning climatic protection regulations.

Pressurization with nitrogen

The extinguishant FK-5-1-12 alone does not have a sufficient vapour pressure in order to assure a complete and effective flooding of a protected room. To reach the desired system pressure, the extinguishant is therefore pressurized with nitrogen on the intended system pressure of 25, 42 or or 50 bar.

The extinguishing agent is stored in gas cylinders, which are then used in combination, enabling both the optimization of available space and extendibility of the Fireking CAS system. It can be used for single-zone as well as multi-zone applications.

Halocarbon system release | Gas extinguishing nozzle in action


Typical areas of application for Fireking CAS FK gas systems are:

  • Electronic data processing (EDP) center
  • Computer rooms
  • Telecommunications and server rooms
  • Switching and distributor rooms
  • Other areas with electrical and electronic equipment
Electric switch room
Electric switch room

Image source: Erwin Frick (Minimax Switzerland) | Viking S.A.

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