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DRV-1 - the lightest & smallest trimmed dry valve

The Viking model DRV-1 dry valve is a latching differential valve used to separate the water supply from the dry pipe sprinkler system. The valve head provides a positive mechanical seal within the valve, separating the supply water pressure from the air in the system. The differential design allows a low system air pressure to control a higher water supply pressure. When the air pressure in the dry pipe system is lowered sufficiently to destroy the pressure differential - due to a sprinkler activation and subsequent loss of air pressure in the piping - the valve opens allowing water to enter the dry pipe system.

The valve is also designed to operate a water motor alarm and/or an electric pressure alarm switch. The Viking model D-2 accelerator can be used to speed up the operation of the valve on large capacity systems or where faster action is required.

Features and advantages

  • Size & weight - the DRV-1 is the lightest and smallest trimmed dry valve available on the market.
    As such, it requires less space inside the valve room, and less manpower to install.
  • Ease of installation – pre-trimmed, easy to service
  • Localisation – only Viking offers alarm lines tailored to each market: UL/FM, UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany & Finland
  • Approvals - the valve carries all major approvals: CE, FM, UL and LPCB
  • Available in 3"/DN80, 4"/DN100 and 6"/DN150 with Groove-Groove connections
  • Several options available (accelerator kit, air supply kit, monitoring kit)
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Viking DRV-1 dry valve
Viking DRV-1 dry valve


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