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Clunid - the heart of modern fire protection

The information from all fire detection and monitoring elements converges in modern fire detection and suppression control panels. They receive events, evaluate them, provide fire alarms and important status information, automatically control suppression systems and other fire case-dependent actions, and initiate tests of critical functions. Thus they form the heart of modern fire protection systems. 

The Clunid DCP-1 is a modular fire detection and suppression control panel that can take over all relevant monitoring and control functions in fire protection systems – precisely tuned and compiled to meet specific customer and project requirements. Its possible applications are almost unlimited. In addition, the unique Clunid control panel generation is characterized by a particularly high level of operational safety and very simple operation.

Simple operation

With the full-color 7“ touch display, operators maintain an overview even in stressful situations, such as a fire.

  • The user guidance is intuitive thanks to the familiar tile design.
  • Operating status are visualized by the color of the display and messages are shown in full text.
  • Consistent self-explanatory icons with binding instructions for action prevent errors.
  • Flat menu structures allow direct and fast navigation for all events.
  • The menu navigation is tailored to the different users according to the authorizations granted respectively in each case.

The Clunid DCP-1 can be equipped with zone control panels with which operating procedures and indications can be carried out conveniently via a large number of freely configurable buttons and LEDs.

Full-color 7" touch display
Full-color 7" touch display

High operational safety

The new and modern control panel technology of the Clunid DCP-1 stands for highest availability and operational safety. 

  • TWIN PROCESSING: The processors are always redundant, not only on the central card, but also in the function modules and zone control panels. This minimizes the risk of failures.
  • Automatic plausibility checks: The integrated LogicManager prevents user errors already during configuration. A later occurrence of corresponding malfunctions will thus be avoided.
  • HOT SWAP module exchange: Individual function modules can be exchanged without taking the control panel out of operation and causing downtimes.
  • No risk with updates: Updates and parameterizations are carried out during operation without necessary shutdowns.
  • Large event memory: The generously dimensioned event and history memory helps to comprehensively trace faults and quickly eliminate the causes.
HOT SWAP module exchange
HOT SWAP module exchange

Universal application

Supported by its powerful computer performance, the possible applications of the Clunid DCP-1 are almost unlimited.

  • The Clunid DCP-1 offers the flexibility of a programmable logic controller (PLC) and thus also enables very complex controls, for example for multi-zone suppression systems.
  • Thanks to the powerful network technology, not only complex controls but also very extensive systems can be realized.
  • With the Reflex module, fast evaluation of fire detector signals and instantaneous suppression system actuation are also possible, as required for certain fire risks and suppression system types.
  • Modules are available for both conventional lines and addressable loops.
  • Power supply units with wide-voltage input, the DC/DC converter for controlling horns and solenoid valves without sufficient wide-voltage input as well as VdS, FM and other approvals make the Clunid DCP-1 internationally applicable.
Function module with redundant processor
Function module with redundant processor

Modular design

In its standard configuration, the Clunid DCP-1 is equipped with a touch display including collective indications, a redundant central card, battery supply and a power supply unit. It is prepared for up to 72 function modules and 27 zone control panels.

Clunid - take a look inside



Configuration software and service tools


The LogicManager is the configuration software for the Clunid DCP-1. As with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), it is structured according to a building-block concept and consistently separates logic and hardware. For example, it is possible to switch back and forth between loop and conventional functions at any time without having to start the configuration again. This offers flexibility and reduces the project time.

Through automatic plausibility checks, the LogicManager prevents user errors already during configuration. In addition, it has a fully implemented redo and undo concept as well as numerous logic blocks with further features.

The LogicManager’s menu navigation supports the user during configuration according to the selected standard (for example EN or FM). In addition, standardized and pre-configured function blocks are available in LogicManager for the standard-compliant control of suppression systems.

Legally required documentation also becomes easier. The LogicManager automatically generates clear system documentation. This greatly simplifies the adaptation of the documentation in case of configuration changes or changes in use.

ServiceAssistant & ServiceBox


To support maintenance work on the Clunid DCP-1 on site, fitters and technicians can use the ServiceAssistant to read out the actual status of the control panel as well as event and history messages at any time during operation. Information and images can be easily stored and retrieved later for follow-up work. In addition, various parameters can be directly adapted to the installation conditions on site.

Documentation of activities during commissioning, maintenance, inspection or troubleshooting is also done in the ServiceAssistant. A structured concept grants different authorizations depending on the technicians’ level of knowledge and experience.


The ServiceBox is connected to the Clunid DCP-1 via a USB interface. The technician can carry out uploads and downloads of LogicManager’s configuration as well as service activities via the ServiceBox, wirelessly via a Wi-Fi connection. A system update of all control panel components is thus done via one interface, so that this process does not require any special knowledge or tools. The licensing concept ensures that only authorized persons work on the control panel.

One control panel for all cases

Thanks to its powerful processor performance in combination with the diverse extension possibilities with function modules and zone control panels as well as the flexibility of a programmable logic controller (PLC), there are almost no limits to the use of the Clunid DCP-1. It takes over a wide variety of monitoring and control functions in fire protection systems – even with high complexity and in extensive systems.

The Clunid DCP-1 is used, among other things:

  • As a pure fire detection control panel for alarm
  • As a combined fire detection and suppression control panel or pure suppression control panel for gas suppression systems (single-zone and multi-zone systems)
  • As a monitoring panel for water suppression systems
  • For the control of deluge valves with and without external reset
  • For control and monitoring of pre-action dry alarm valves
  • For monitoring of preaction sprinklers 
  • For control and monitoring of water mist suppression systems
  • For control and monitoring of foam suppression systems
  • For fast evaluation of fire detector signals and instantaneous suppression system actuation
  • For providing important status information, for example to an Inveron hazard management system
  • For monitoring and control of flow switch test units
  • To initiate further tests of critical functions
  • To control further fire case-dependent actions
  • To control and monitor hydrant systems in loop technology

Applications and approvals

Whether in a complex multi-zone suppression system, in sprinkler systems with a large number of flow switches to be tested regularly or in systems for instantaneous fire suppression – the Clunid DCP-1 is the perfect choice when simple fire detection and suppression control panels reach their limits. Due to its high protection class, the Clunid DCP-1 is also well-suited for industrial environments.

Typical areas of application are:

  • Power plants
  • Automotive plants
  • Data centers
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Recycling
  • Production

The Clunid DCP-1 fire detection and suppression control panel is CE-certified and approved by VdS Schadenverhütung and FM Global. Numerous regional and local approvals are in preparation.


Certain options of the DCP-1 might only be available at a later date. The contents of this page are subject to modifications without notice.

Image sources: Viking S.A. | SWB Bremen

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